Saturday, January 16, 2010

A New Earth

Funny how you can be wanting to do something for such a long tine and suddenly you find yourself doing it...and you realize it is the perfect time to be doing it. Now. I bought Eckhart Tolle's audiobook several years ago....and, I must have listened to disk one and two because two is not in it's spot...
I have been replaying the first 7 sections of the first disk because it is so powerful. It is speaking to me almost as though it is validating the first 50 years of my life and reminding me that what I believe, is exactly what I would always hope for my children.
which leads into why I blog....

Soaps have been flowing again... my favorite is Basil Mint... But there are some great ones.

Sleepy.... and happy.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Eight Days into the New Year!

We are 8 days in to the New Year and so far, it has already been shaping up as an exciting year. My niece Sarah, decided some time ago to set a goal for herself which was to run in the Boston Marathon.... She also decided that she would be running to raise money for Children's Hospital in Boston to support children. A few days ago she circulated a picture of her "Patient Partner" who she has been assigned. Leo is 14 months old, has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and has the best smile. My heart melted when I saw it and I was sad, proud, and excited all at once. Though I had donated, I saw that she had raised 1000 dollars of the 4000 she had hoped. I wanted to give more and since ONE of my NY resolutions was to spread abundance while becoming abundant, I decided that I would donate profits of my soap and jewelry sales in addition to my personal donation. That way, as sales increase, so does Sarah's Fund!!!! Not sure how it will turn out but I am excited about it. She is one very, very lovely young lady.... Her cause is touching. I am so proud of Sarah and hopeful for the research that supports Leo's cause. Sarah is telling all of her friends and I am telling all my customers that if they enter the promotion code of "Go Sarah" during checkout, I will donate a portion of ALL sales that occur between now and April 19th. Entering this code has no impact on any other sale that is going on. You still get your sale. Everyone has to shower and get clean...Now it will support a very good cause.