Monday, March 30, 2009

Infusion Joy :)

Over the weekend a new creme was born and ohhhhh what a creme it is :) I got some herbs last month and if you remember a few blogs ago, I began infusing them in oils that were chosen for their various properties. So, with a bit of free time on my hand Sunday, I began with the first and for me, most important :) It is an anti-aging creme that is 95 percent where I had wanted it to be! I have used it 3 times since yesterday, and already my face feels different. I gave some to one of my top customers and asked her to be my little guinea pig to which she cheerfully replied - YES!! I always want to be your guinea pig?!?!?!?!? (she doesnt even get paid!) So, she just emailed and told me her skin feels "dewey". She is thrilled. There are two alterations I will make for my next batch but I used to buy Lancome and Clinique and other than just stepping out from full facial, this is the best thing I have ever felt... Very excited. There was something glorious about using herbs that have been proclaimed for their anti-aging and hydrating purposes, rather than chemicals I cannot pronounce, and now that it has been born, it's very exciting! It's name? Twenty Nine and Holding. Coming to my site soon !!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

April Showers brings May Flowers

I took inspiration from Spring itself when I was sitting there with a pile of beads and the colors popped out at me. The aqua blue reminded me of rain and the pale green of the triangle glass beads reminded me of all that grows and turns green in spring. As soon as it was finished I knew it needed earrings so I ordered more of the aqua in a smaller size for just that reason. It is so charming in person. This picture doesn't necessarily capture the true green-ness of it!
Have a wonderful Spring Day...we are getting the rain today. Perfect for the plants!
I had other inspirations if you care to look. in the jewelry section!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Always another Sun Necklace :)

As a collector of Suns, Moons, and all things Celestial, there is always another Sun 'thing' to be made!! This weekend, I had these lovely aqua colored recycled glass beads and it just seemed that they needed to be mixed with pearls for clouds, and that the pale aquaish blue beads were the blue sky behind the airy white clouds. I loved the end look of these..... Since everyone at the open house really wanted matching earrings for their necklaces, I just went ahead and made them for this necklace..
Love the end look.

Speaking of suns, it is a beeeeueatiful Spring Day here and the sun is shining, (no clouds) birds are chirping, and flowers are in bloom EVERY where.

Have a fantastic Monday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Infuse a little somethin somethin!

Over the weekend I finally got to put together three ideas that have been rolling around "up there" for a few months. Three jars of herbs and oil are now happily on my windowsill taking in the afternoon sun, doing what they do best. Infusing. Destination for these delicacies? Three herbal products coming next month. They already have names and they have been alive in my dreams since January but it is time! These are not actually my jars as I did not yet snap a pic but they are, in fact, what mine look like. The shipment of organic herbs arrived late January and each of these concoctions have a specific intention. Twenty Nine and Holding will become a wonderful facial creme, a bath candy and a soap. Between The Sheets will be an all over creme, bath candy, and soap. Delicate is going to be an all over creme and a soap of some sort. Each of these infusions have a minimum of 4 herbs steeping into carefully selected oils that support the intentions. It is exciting. And, a reminder of why I began making skin care products 11 years ago.
Three weeks from today we embark on our annual pilgrammage out west to Arizona. It is exciting each and every time. I am thrilled to meet our Innkeeper in Jerome Arizona who owns the "Surgeon's House" that sits atop Jerome, overlooking the town. She has restored the gardens of the home and we have already discussed me bringing her herbal soaps. Sedona and Arizona in general, have a way of renewing the human spirit like no place on this Earth. What I love most is really everything but there are more places there that take your breath away, where it is okay to just be quiet and still and take it all in..... This photo is what we looked at from our bedroom last time were were there. This time, we are staying in the place we stayed the first time and we have a private outdoor hot-tub outside our bedroom door. The night we arrive is a full moon. Perfection.
So, whether you infuse your oils or infuse your spirit, remember to take it all in...and let it all out!
Three days until SPRING !

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Tho' I am not Irish ~ I will never pass up a chance to celebrate ! Today, I decided to put a little green back in your pocket by offering 25% off all jewelry in my shop. All you do is enter "Green" in the promotion code during check out. Most pieces are one of a kind so once you buy it, there will not be another in it's place! Have a fantastic day if you observe the green !

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yay for new 'stuff'

*********NEW STUFF***

Yesterday my daughter was home sick from school with a wicked cold and my son had a migraine from running into a wire (the kind that holds trees steady) while sledding the day before so I played nurse for the day. When I wasn't running for this or that, I got the urge to do something new...(imagine that!) and I created Doccia Mousse. For you Italian experts, no need to tell you it means Shower Whip. It is very fun stuff. Great for shaving! So, that was good.

I am also posting a necklace I finished last week. I am a bit embarrassed because I see I posted it already but I cannot remove it now that it's there.. (duh) Haven't been at the jewelry as much in the past two months but my soaps have exploded ! The creative 'lull' that I was in during January is definately gone. I think maybe January will be the month I know not to expect much creatively next year! It is a good time for introspection.

Nothing else is very 'new' today. No new music (though there is new music, the time came to stop sharing according to the "producer" guy. I do appreciate the outpouring of support !!! Got some nice emails!

have a creative and warm day!