Monday, April 20, 2009

The Secret!

Over the past few weeks, the Celestial Embrace wheels have been turning out a whole new look, a few new products, and a whole lotta positive energy !

My new collaboration mate, Suz, is now awaiting the shipment of her sales gear and she is teaming with enthusiasm. We have had more than a few moments of synchronicity that have given me goosebumps long distance, but mostly we have had a collaboration of spirits that have manifested in gorgeous new labels and a great look for the products I have made for 11 years that always looked rather homemade. Now, I wanted them to grow up if you will and I believe they have.

With this 'growing up' in mind, I turned to my native heritage by searching Italian, Tuscan, Romantic, but Celestial ideas...and I found Suz! If you see her work, you discover her artistic roots in the architecture of the Roman Catholic Church but her creativity reaches the heavens when she creates !

So, this weekend was all about re-labeling, making up sample kits, and preparing a sales kit - all in the name of reaching California by Wednesday. And, it happened. At the end of the evening, last night, it was three perfectly packaged boxes, ready to go. Now it is up to the mail gods to deliver it safely!

This week, I am going to bask in the sense of completeness. It was a huge emotional rush and now it is time to get in to the heart of creating again. In running my hands over the new labels, I had surges of ideas for new scents and this is good because we have an idea for a whole new product line. That part is a secret for now...but for now "The Secret" is to remain focused on creating the life I want to live. I have known for about 11 years that my "purpose" is to help people understand and experience happier skin through the use of skin care products that improve the quality of their life either from the scents they love or the feeling they get using my products.

Please help me think positive thoughts for Suz as she treks along the West Coast, and hope for a great future in our collaborating!

Have a wonderful day :)


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wild Wild West

So, this trip was different than my previous trips out west. It was really about introducing my kids to the land of Arizona and all its grand'ness'. Geoff and I had been there before but we had not gone with the kids. They climbed Cathedral Rock. I went as far as I could without interfering with their exploring. At some point, it was too much to watch them and not panic so I stopped and let them go the rest of the way on their own. :) And, guess what? They LOVED IT!

If you have been to the Grand Canyon - then you know the vastness and the whole magesticness of it all. It is more spectacular than words are able to describe. We climbed a few "rocks" while there and we explored along the way. A coyote walked right in front of us, running up the mountain out of sight. We saw hummingbirds galore and no trip there is complete without seeing a snake. I just don't know why boys need to get so close to snakes....

The last thing I want to mention is Jerome. Jerome is "a ghost town" that was once a thriving copper mining town. We stayed in the most magical place called "The Surgeon's House". It once belonged to the Chief Surgeon of Jerome's Hospital but today, it is owned by Andrea Prince. Andrea has created a place that feeds the soul. Beginning with the great "bones" of this house, she has washed it in a soft color palette that is whimsical and soothing. Everywhere you look there is art. At first glance, it draws you in and no nook or cranny exists without something creative tucked in. For example, a powder room so tiny, not all may fit. There is no spot for a sink yet this does not stop one from washing their hands for on the tank lid, a dentist type bowl receives the incoming water before it fills the tank and you wash your hands with that water. No wasted water!!! And in the Maids Quarter's, where my daughter slept, the entire bathroom is a shower! It must be seen to truly be appreciated and if you care to visit her site, its

Saving the most ---ummm----unique for last ~ I snapped this photo of a woman driving past us in traffic. She had her two dogs in the car and WHO KNEW that dogs would wear goggles????

So, we had fun. It was a busy week and it flew by. As always, there was much I wanted to do but did not get time. I will go back. There is nothing quite like sitting on those Red Rocks, hearing only the sound of the wind....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break ???

So, not sure I would classify this as an Easter "Break" but it was a break from routine! In a day or two once I have caught up on sleep and developed some photos, I will take the time to capture a few marvelous highlights of our "pilgrammage" to the West. Viva Las Vegas, Sedona, The Grand Canyon, Montezuma's Well,V Bar V, and Jerome, Arizona. It was a whirlwind of a week and now I am back in the proverbial "soap saddle" ready to go!

I look forward to posting more on this!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Paying It Forward

I have heard the phrase "Pay It Forward" tossed around a bit lately and though I thought I knew what it meant, I believe I didn't fully understand. I have decided to gather all my miscellaneous soaps and sell them for the price of shipping (and packaging). What I am hoping is that people who know places that need soap will buy them and donate. I have donated some of it, but I have LOTS. The only thing about these soaps is that they didnt come out smelling strong enough so I don't want to sell for full price. I have about 100 bars. Right now, I have them on Etsy for .20 cents (that's as low as I was able to go) and the cost of shipping. If anyone knows ANYONE who needs them, they are here for the taking.

Have a wonderful day !