Sunday, May 3, 2009

Some days the soap energy just flows right through me!

There are days that the soap energy just flows through me like electricity. I mentioned Under The Tuscan Sun, and it sure is wonderful. It is really, really delicate and romantic smelling. What I may not have told you about was the Raspberry Biscotti. OH MY STARS! It smells just like....RASPBERRY BISCOTTI!!! It is so good... well...I could not wait a full month to try it and yesterday I took a sliver in the shower. WOW OH WOW. It has lather that is just to die for and the smell is just perfect.

Today, I created three more batches. Two are repeats of big sellers. Rosemilk Clay and Luna Latte. These have been around for years.....but my new one is Cinnamon Dulce. It's scent is light, but creamy, warm, and rich. The ingredients for this bar are TOP SECRET! but I will say that the butters and oils smelled great before I ever added the scents. All three soaps today were milk soaps which will make some nice, creamy bars....

Another rainy, successful, simply soapy day :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Under The Tuscan Sun

Under The Tuscan Sun really had been bubbling up since I saw the movie years ago. The scenery, the courage she had, and just the images I created in my mind when I watched the movie left me wanting to create something that honored that beauty. About a month ago, I received a new scent in the mail that seemed to fit. It is a complex, but light scent. Not floral, not fruity, nice... Crisp orange and olive leaf infused with a green grass accord and fresh ozone. A hint of lily and muguet intermingles with a base of musk, sandalwood, and oakmoss for a warm, long-lasting finish. it all its splendor!