Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Paying It Forward

I have heard the phrase "Pay It Forward" tossed around a bit lately and though I thought I knew what it meant, I believe I didn't fully understand. I have decided to gather all my miscellaneous soaps and sell them for the price of shipping (and packaging). What I am hoping is that people who know places that need soap will buy them and donate. I have donated some of it, but I have LOTS. The only thing about these soaps is that they didnt come out smelling strong enough so I don't want to sell for full price. I have about 100 bars. Right now, I have them on Etsy for .20 cents (that's as low as I was able to go) and the cost of shipping. If anyone knows ANYONE who needs them, they are here for the taking.

Have a wonderful day !

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Bella Bubbles said...

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