Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yay for new 'stuff'

*********NEW STUFF***

Yesterday my daughter was home sick from school with a wicked cold and my son had a migraine from running into a wire (the kind that holds trees steady) while sledding the day before so I played nurse for the day. When I wasn't running for this or that, I got the urge to do something new...(imagine that!) and I created Doccia Mousse. For you Italian experts, no need to tell you it means Shower Whip. It is very fun stuff. Great for shaving! So, that was good.

I am also posting a necklace I finished last week. I am a bit embarrassed because I see I posted it already but I cannot remove it now that it's there.. (duh) Haven't been at the jewelry as much in the past two months but my soaps have exploded ! The creative 'lull' that I was in during January is definately gone. I think maybe January will be the month I know not to expect much creatively next year! It is a good time for introspection.

Nothing else is very 'new' today. No new music (though there is new music, the time came to stop sharing according to the "producer" guy. I do appreciate the outpouring of support !!! Got some nice emails!

have a creative and warm day!

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