Monday, March 23, 2009

Always another Sun Necklace :)

As a collector of Suns, Moons, and all things Celestial, there is always another Sun 'thing' to be made!! This weekend, I had these lovely aqua colored recycled glass beads and it just seemed that they needed to be mixed with pearls for clouds, and that the pale aquaish blue beads were the blue sky behind the airy white clouds. I loved the end look of these..... Since everyone at the open house really wanted matching earrings for their necklaces, I just went ahead and made them for this necklace..
Love the end look.

Speaking of suns, it is a beeeeueatiful Spring Day here and the sun is shining, (no clouds) birds are chirping, and flowers are in bloom EVERY where.

Have a fantastic Monday!

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Chrissy said...

Very pretty indeed, aren't you sweet!!!