Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Infuse a little somethin somethin!

Over the weekend I finally got to put together three ideas that have been rolling around "up there" for a few months. Three jars of herbs and oil are now happily on my windowsill taking in the afternoon sun, doing what they do best. Infusing. Destination for these delicacies? Three herbal products coming next month. They already have names and they have been alive in my dreams since January but it is time! These are not actually my jars as I did not yet snap a pic but they are, in fact, what mine look like. The shipment of organic herbs arrived late January and each of these concoctions have a specific intention. Twenty Nine and Holding will become a wonderful facial creme, a bath candy and a soap. Between The Sheets will be an all over creme, bath candy, and soap. Delicate is going to be an all over creme and a soap of some sort. Each of these infusions have a minimum of 4 herbs steeping into carefully selected oils that support the intentions. It is exciting. And, a reminder of why I began making skin care products 11 years ago.
Three weeks from today we embark on our annual pilgrammage out west to Arizona. It is exciting each and every time. I am thrilled to meet our Innkeeper in Jerome Arizona who owns the "Surgeon's House" that sits atop Jerome, overlooking the town. She has restored the gardens of the home and we have already discussed me bringing her herbal soaps. Sedona and Arizona in general, have a way of renewing the human spirit like no place on this Earth. What I love most is really everything but there are more places there that take your breath away, where it is okay to just be quiet and still and take it all in..... This photo is what we looked at from our bedroom last time were were there. This time, we are staying in the place we stayed the first time and we have a private outdoor hot-tub outside our bedroom door. The night we arrive is a full moon. Perfection.
So, whether you infuse your oils or infuse your spirit, remember to take it all in...and let it all out!
Three days until SPRING !


Daisy Soap Girl said...

Nice post, Great picture and the room must have been awesome.

Chrissy said...

Hey you... got your note...Meg went to Haiti with her school , well 6 grade 12 girls and two teachers, very good care because no it is not a safe place, there are armed guards everywhere!! She said she felt safe but was always aware of her surrondings ...hope that makes sense...she had the time of her life and plans on returning when she is a little older,if your daughter wants to go make sure it is with someone you trust!!!! Hope that helps. I will post photos in the next week or so, talk soon, all the best Chrissy