Saturday, February 28, 2009

Creative Chaos

The past two weekends have been spent (get this) multi-tasking! Since my business has been on the steady incline, I have products to make...and I have so much in terms of jewelry supplies that did not get finished pre-holidays that I keep trying to sit down and create BUT..... I also have this burning need to get organized. My room has been over-taken by beads, my dining room and kitchen are over-run with packaging, and my office and guest room are packed with finished products in boxes and on shelves. The room I have downstairs become non-functional about three years ago when I decided to take a break and stacked EVERYTHING in Here I am. Trying to put everything in one spot. Claim my space AND produce. It's not simple.

If anyone has any suggestions on getting organized, share share share!

In the midst of this, I did get a new necklace finished that I started but needed to restring because it was not long enough. I also got a new version of Lavender Ice made that I like better. It appears to have cubes of ice in it. It has started off as a great seller. I love it. Its cooling on your skin and it smells soothing. The other one I made today is Mango Tea. The background needs to be a bit more mango colored but the embedded green came out great. The soap smells fantastic. I have a friend (doesnt care for soap) but she cannot get enough of the Mango Tea fragrance in all my other products. Particularly my whipped creme. So, here are the posts of the pics !!

That's about it from me today. I don't think anyone cares if I feel successful that I matched 30 pair of socks that had been in a basket for the past 8 months. I feel pretty successful at completing two loaves of soap, spray painting baskets, getting the order ready for consignment at an art store in Midlothian Va, and finishing a necklace....OH, and lunch with my mom, dad, and my son and daughter.. Home Depot, then prom dress shopping. No wonder I am finished for the day!!! Until next creative surge.... enjoy yourselves!

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