Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Different [Brush] Strokes for Different Folks

It's been nearly one week since my first blog post and the first 24 hours gave me such a fun rush that it seemed as though this could become quite addictive. Since that day, I have really searched for what would or could be worthwhile to even think, let alone write about! Life has a way of just unfolding fast at times and sometimes, if we do not slow ourselves down and contemplate, it happens without appreciating the beauty of it all.
So, what I did was begin to "decorate" or "nest" here in my little blog and as I started to collect my photographs, I began to notice that I am surrounded by incredible artists. And, I do not mean just living nearby. My very own family. It's not as if I did not know. I just needed to wallow in it's wonder! My mother painted, though to this day, she has not pursued that talent through paintings but through home design and decorating. My oldest son, KC, is making his living at a Marketing Firm but he is an amazing painter, photographer, and his graphic design skills are "whack" as they say in the younger generation. My son Matthew is creative, though he does not officially show it in ways other than wearing nice clothes and fixing his home up very nicely. For a 26 year old, that is creative! My son Jimmy is about to break out as a singer/songwriter/music producer, and he is great. We have always known he could sing. The trick was making him have faith in himself to put it to use. Now that he has, he is hopelessly hooked and is making his first CD. I really cannot wait because I hate not having it for my own car! My daughter Katie is a dancer and is a wonderful little choreographer. She has been dancing for nearly 12 years and is so wonderfully graceful. My significant other pens a mean doodle and he now squints when choosing colors for homes we remodel so he can get the idea of the shades of a color and his mother is a very accomplished painter and former painting teacher. My life feels good being surrounded by artists. I am grateful for having taken the time to really relish that each person and their craft is unique and special and that we should each own our individual strengths.
(Next day)I just read one of my two blog followers entry which surprisingly, (or not) falls right in line with what I am saying. Noticing. Slowing down to notice. I believe for those of us who have matured into the "Wise Woman" stage of life, we are understanding that we no longer need to blaze a trail to get where we are going but we really ought to notice along the way. Being that we just ended another holiday season, I believe that is the general feeling among the "seasoned" folks. Take time to notice. As a side thought to this, it gives me great pleasure to know while I am still alive and young enough to really enjoy this for a long time to come, just how the creativity gene ended up in all of my children. They do not need to be great, they just need to be confident enough to express their own crafts.
In finishing up this blog entry, the title of this blog really is just all about appreciating each person for their uniqueness ~ and the example that came to me was different art forms. There is beauty in each. I must take time to notice!

Last but definitely not least, I created a new bracelet last night which is very fun ! Plenty of sparkly dangles hang from it and I love the sound it makes. Got in some new scents yesterday and its only a matter of hours left in the day before I come up with some new concoction that has been flying around in my head for days!


The Kramer Angle said...

I'm telling you, you're a natural at this! Talk about a creative force! I barely know you and can see you're so talented!

It is funny that your post and mine are so similar. Great minds think alike. Just another sign we need to collaborate.

SudsnJewels said...

I knew that :)

tardevil said...

I think anyone that is an artist, is blessed beyond measure. You can do so much with it! You're lucky to have such a family!