Thursday, January 15, 2009


Alright - I am "it" and since I wasn't at home when I received this, I was wondering what photo 4 was going to be. While there isn't anything inappropriate on my computer, I was really wondering what I was going to have to display :) Thinking it was going to be a soap, a piece of jewelry, or some other item that goes on my website and would seem self-promoting in a silly game of "tag". As it turns out, it was a picture of my sweetheart and I at my Son and DIL's housewarming party. I look a bit spacey as I had just had back surgery and was heavily medicated but it doesn't mask happiness :)

So, it's not incredibly exciting to the rest of the general public, but it was a sweet surprise. Geoff and I have been dating for 4 years. Between us, we have 9 kids. Five years ago, I was wondering what a woman my age does to "meet" someone new, without being in a bar, church, or what have you, and I followed my mother's shoes and went on match(dot)com. She was widowed and met her new husband there, so I figured I would give it a whirl. The first man I met told me I wasn't wild enough (oh my). I realized I didnt even want to know what that meant !! The second man was a very nice, nice guy, just smaller than me. Ok, not smaller, but tiny. We had a nice dinner, but no second date. A great friend sorta guy, but that was the end of it! The third date I went on, I pulled into the parking lot at a local restaurant and when I walked up to the door, I put my eyes on him for the first time. He "felt" like I had known him all my life. We have been making it all work for four years while my daughter completes high school and I am living in Maryland while he lives in Virginia. My daughter graduates this year so, this year offers us the first opportunity to finally share a home.
I put the whole fam damily picture below.

So, that's my story on picture number four ~ pure and simple.


Happy To Be said...

Great love story girl..and I was a widow and felt the same way didn't know where to meet men..but I found mine when he came to look at my late husband car I was just never your blog and a big Welcome to you..I will add you to my follow list..hugs and smiles Gloria ps come and see me!!

Chrissy said...

HI... so glad you stopped by!! You are the second person to tag me with this, so I had best get on it!! Take care...