Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Me Me Meeeee (please sing that as if you are warming up !)

So, I came in last night after flying home from a great 4 day weekend in Maine and I find that I have work to do already! Gail has made me "it" in this game. Soooo, 6 RANDOM things about me.....and here is the drumroll part !!!!
Number Six - I love the first snow. It makes me very sentimental....I get a childlike excitement that is a bit overwhelming! I still shout to everyone in the house "ITS SNOWING!!!" as loud as I possibly can.
Number Five - I read a sign on a pillow at a shoppe in Camden and it is one of my 'life creeds'. "You are closer to Heaven in a home by the beach". I love the beach. I love it during all four seasons and a beach that has four seasons is really better than one that is summer year round.
Number Four - I love to travel. Not really thrilled about flying but you have to get there somehow so I will fly... I have lived around the world and my favorite places that I have traveled to are many - but places I call God's Country were: Adak Alaska, out at the end of the Aleutian Chain. The skies were the bluest I have ever seen which met the water that was steely grey and blue. The volcanoes off in the distance were crystal clear and sometimes smokey. Scotland was God's Country. Especially Dunnottar Castle which you can peek at here. Sedona Arizona is God's country as is The Grand Canyon. And Maine....there are too many places in Maine to mention but it is spectacular.
Number Three - I do not have a favorite food, movie, or music. There is no way to narrow it down to one thing because I love food, I love music, and I have loved many movies for various reasons.
Number Two- I love to bake. Cheesecakes are my specialty but I love to bake most things.
Number One- This year, I turn 50, become a grandmother, send my last child off to college and move in with my man of many years. Its a very big year indeed. I am very much in love with the notion of all these things. :)

I am not so sure this is either exciting, fresh information, or if anyone will read one bit of's hard for me to write about myself actually. I could talk for days about how proud I am of all four of my kids and you would fall asleep but to me they are EXCITING !!!! So, without dragging them in to all of this ~ these are the random bits that come to mind. As soon as I hit publish, something way more fascinating will pop into my brain but for now, I am hoping that Happy To Be will take up the next ME ME Post !!!

ps - The Kramer Angle blogs about Obama are really clever.... Loving it !


Happy To Be said...

Oh no you didn't name me !!! I could really run with this one girl..about what I like and don't like you are way to I love to fly but I want to be in control of the cockpit..Great meme about you girl..I love finding out about people..Hope you have a great I am watching American Idol..just love to see the people sing that can't...ha ha!! hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

SudsnJewels said...

Me too but not because they cannot sing! I love to watch aspiring singers! :) call me crazy but I have one so its good to watch. I cannot wait to see what you come up with :)