Friday, January 9, 2009


Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting a wonderful woman who is embarking on a new journey in her life. This meeting motivated me to initiate this blog actually. I was reminded how engaging with other people is the most rewarding part of being in my business. I was also reminded that my talents are not in the actual "sale" of any of my products but within the sharing of information. I did not start any of my products, bath or jewelry, to satisfy a sales need. Instead these products were created with a purpose. If they are cremes, soaps, and such, I have researched, tested, given and then received feedback, then refined what is made so that people feel good about what they use. No false pretenses. With jewelry, I create unique, mostly one of a kind jewelry, that is affordable and fun. Not perfect and astronomically priced. I search for the best prices on my base products so that I can pass those savings along.

So, what I was reminded of yesterday when I met Gail, was that I love working with people. I now have my intention for 2009. Before yesterday, I had been sick with one thing and then another since the week before Christmas. It was a wonderful Christmas with everyone in my gi-normous family, albeit most of us were sick at one point or another. Because of this, I never really got my focus for 2009. 2008 was an up and down year. I am excited about the opportunity this year offers us all. Like cleaning out the closets of life. Becoming accountable. Setting our intentions.

Wishing you all peace and joy in this new year. I wish you clarity where there is confusion, strength and confidence where there is doubt, and inspiration to pursue all that you dream of.



tardevil said...

Hi and welcome to blogging! I warn you that it will be totally addictive! Gail sent me over here. Congrats on your joint venture! We were sick in my house for most of December. It makes for a rough Christmas season! Have a great weekend!

The Kramer Angle said...

Tardevil (a friend I met through blogging) is absolutely right; blogging is addicting but you're going to love it! Congratulations on your blog. Your first post speaks to me because it's how I feel about life. Our chance meeting has inspired you to write a blog and I think that's amazing. You just never know what opportunities are ahead, who you will influence your life (all good) and what's in store for us. I love it!


SudsnJewels said...

Well thank you, ladies! I can tell it will be addictive because I am supposed to be taking down decorations and I am here :) Its a jewelry day because I have it to myself so I am in an exceptional mood. Appreciate your lovely words ~ lna