Friday, February 13, 2009

If I left this Earth Today

I have been gushing at the seams, basking in admiration and happiness, at the places my kids are in their lives lately. Maybe it is because I am turning that number after 49 soon. Maybe not. I really am proud. My oldest son and his wife are expecting their first child in July. They moved into their brand new home nearly 10 months ago and it is stunning. He is quite an artist who I will post his artwork sometime in the next week. My second son just got accepted into his Masters Program on Homeland Security. My third son, is who I am featuring in my movie over here to the right of this entry. We have all known he could sing all of his life. On Christmas, we as a family outfit him with computer software, recording devices, and now a guitar. He never produced any music prior to December 28th, 2008 and now has approximately 15 songs. I have put one here that could possibly appeal to the majority because I know many will not like R and B, hip-hop type music but I do love so many styles that I love all of his songs (except 1). He knows why. This has been copywritten but is not out officially anywhere. He sings night and day, day and night. Lastly, my daughter.....who is a senior...texted me this morning to tell me she got a 4.0 on her report card and we are awaiting the results of her college applications. She is a dream of a daughter. Feels like my grandmother's spirit reincarnated into this lovely young lady. She really is, one amazing young lady. So, today, I was thinking of how self-indulgent this is to put up my kids artwork, but then again, are we not all showing off our crafts? I believe I had a part in crafting these amazing young people and if I left this Earth today, I believe I have left parts of me in all of them. Hope you take a minute and a half to watch the video clip.
Have a wonderful Valentines Day !!! I know I have some love in my life and I am truly blessed.


Happy To Be said...

GM...Girl I know if I left this earth today I would leave behind pieces of me with each of my I can see me in all of them..Motherhood was the best job I ever had..Happy VD to you...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Paula's ponderings said...

wow talent there!! Excellent!

C Maisy said...

Wow...have have quite the kids. They sure are giving you reason to brag. Seriously, we wait so long for that. They always pull through!
You must have done something right :)