Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whale Medicine - Spirit of the Sea

I never question synchronicity anymore. Back in the day, I used to scratch my head more because I was truly one of the only people I knew who seemed to even notice how uncanny Universal timing could be. Over the past few weeks, I have returned to my studies of how the Native Americans kept in time with the Universe just because that is something I think they did very well and I love studying herbal medicine. So, after yesterdays Blog Frog - which was not meant to show that I was stuck having something to say, it was the larger picture that I was trying to fit into a niche that was not mine to fit into... and WALLA - this morning I logged on to receive the following message in my email ! HA! I love the way things work when I let go - I hope you enjoy this ---

Native Americans teach us that the Great Spirit speaks to us through our animal brethren. The whale is one animal that we can learn from. Whales have existed for over 50 million years and are considered to be record-keepers who possess knowledge of the past. It is through the vibrations of their unique sound that they release this ancient wisdom to us. At the same time, their sound carries across such great distances that whales can enter the realm of the future where they can acquire knowledge of what is to come. Every whale sings a song, and they never repeat the same pattern when they sing their song. Since whales must be conscious at all times in order to breathe, they cannot afford to fall into an unconscious state for too long. Never completely asleep, their brain has constant access to the collective unconscious where all answers lie. Whales float peacefully, secure in the ocean environment that supports and sustains them. You can learn from the wisdom of whales by remembering to express what’s uniquely yours. Each of us has a unique "song" or gift to offer the world. Your song is meant to be sung by you and heard by others. No one else can sing this song but you, and your song is medicine for the healing of the planet. Like whales, you can choose to access information about the future when you go into a meditative state. Whales teach us to look at where we came from and where we are headed. Knowing that our past helps shape our future, we can remember to make positive choices regarding our lives, the environment, and our world. Like whales, we can remember to stay awake and actively engaged in a universe that supports and sustains us. When we express ourselves and share our unique gifts, we add our wisdom and vibration to the planet.

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Happy To Be said...

GM girl..thanks for coming by and your prayers for Len is an native American...he is really into trees and nature..the Eagle is his tribe sign so he collector allot of eagles..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria