Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yippy Skippy Day

Oh boy! The boxes have been rolling in with all sorts of new packaging and scents and herbs and on and on......Soooo. Today I started with a new loaf of Hey Ma, Whatcha Baking ? which is the most amazing smell of cookies baking in the kitchen. Matter of fact, it got its name from the first time I made it and my son came up from downstairs and asked that very question. Next loaf....5 O'Clock Somewhere.... Pina Colada extraordinaire..... WOW. It smells SOOOO good that it makes your mouth water. So, there are now 4 new glycerin soaps made, packaged, and ready to sell.
The next creative endeavor is still under wraps but I have the names worked out for 3 of the 4 new soaps. They are all herbal and would be considered herbal 'remedies'. One for troubled skin, one for cheering up, one for keeping skin young, and one surprise...I can hardly wait. I received a box of organic herbs in today ~ and by Tuesday, I should be ready to announce :) It will be hard not to do it sooner but my sons 27th birthday is Monday and we are celebrating tonight. Of course the water main broke down the street and as of this moment, NO water. The man with the truck says a few hours and we should be all set....

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